Veeka Swimwear is a brand created to share my art in the form of bikinis. and inspire all you angels to do/wear/say whatever the fk you want, because life is short. And it is definitely too short to be boring! We are bridging the gap between fashion and philanthropic action. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style in the name of altruism, and through our fresh perspective we offer designs with an artistic component.  We have cultivated a partnership with CURRENTS | Ocean Foundation, and every Veeka kini contributes to helping our oceans. We want to inspire others through our fresh perspective on design, art and conscious world-views.

My creative mission is to challenge people to liberate themselves from the mundane momentary “trends”. If you want to wear a blue avocado bikini do it. Be art. Be the ocean. Be a lover.  Just be.. or don’t.


Our new collection Alucinacion is the beginning of a unique new experience.

How does it work?

You pick your shape, you pick your print and then each suit is hand made and cut to order.New prints will be released in capsule collections so you can always have a special piece to wear to any function.